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Limited in library services will begin

Starting Thursday, July 16th, Limited in library services will begin.

FACE COVERINGS WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ALL INDIVIDUALS ENTERING THE BUILDING. If someone is physically unable to wear a face covering, please call the library @ 518-747-6743 so we can assist you in bringing materials to you or making a copy for you. Curbside Service will still remain in effect and is encouraged.

Hand sanitizer is required upon entering the building. Those who may have allergies to hand sanitizers, please call the library to inform the staff. We will escort you into our building and to the restroom where you will wash your hands with soap and water. Public restrooms can only be entered with the key from library staff.

Strict occupancy numbers will be enforced. Maximum of nine patrons and two library staff while encouraging social distancing. A limit of three individuals per area of the library at one time will be enforced other than that of a family unit together. If necessary, patrons may be asked to queue outside until our maximum occupancy is no longer exceeded.

Patron browsing only with no lingering. You may browse a shelved book only to read the insides of the front and back cover. You are not permitted to thumb through the pages. Any book you have picked up and decided not to borrow, you must leave it in the assigned area for staff to then disinfect. It does not need to be quarantined as it has not gone home with you. Staff will be cognizant of those patrons who are not following the browsing guidelines in the over handling of books and browsing privileges may then be taken away for a short time.

New books and DVD’s are limited to that of two per patron with a 7-day loan and no renewals. Maximum number of any library materials is that of 6 per patron and possibly a short term loan if there are many requests for a certain title or movie.

One computer will be available for use by appointment for 30 minutes and will not be available again on the same day.

Reduced open hours for patrons will remain in effect at this time.

No material donations will be accepted nor will we allow them to be left on library property at this time.

All library materials must be left in the dropbox as they must be quarantined for up to 96 hours. Do not bring them inside the library. Library materials will remain on your library card until we can check them in after the quarantine time has expired

Please remember that in order for us to stay open and moving forward, please adhere to wearing a face covering, practice social distancing, and stay home when you are sick.

Grass Seed Head Craft

The library is offering a Free Grass Seed Head Craft grab and go kit for children residing in the Village and Town of Fort Edward. At this time, there are twenty kits available. All kits come with instructions and materials to make your Grass Seed Head of Hair and will be available for pick up on Thursday July 9th from 10 am – 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm and all kits must be reserved by contacting the library at 518-747-6743 or All kits and materials have been quarantined for 72 hours prior to pick up.

Here is the you tube video in making this craft. Please send us a pic of your Grass Seed Head of Hair and tag the Fort Edward Free Library on facebook so that we can see you unique Grass Seed Head.

Social Injustice Statement

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Social Justice Statement

 By jscott    06/16/2020 0

As the nation reflects on its history of violence and injustice towards minorities, it is imperative that individuals and organizations speak out and take action.

The Southern Adirondack Library System is committed to addressing and dismantling ingrained racism. As trusted community institutions, public libraries must work for the public good by ensuring equitable, diverse, and inclusive libraries that are robust, brave spaces for difficult conversations. We will routinely review policies, procedures, and structures for bias and will collaborate with our libraries and communities to do the same.

We will identify and share resources that reflect diverse experiences and impact the lives of Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color.

Finally, we will be accountable for our actions and our work going forward.

June 8, 2020

Library Board of Trustees June 10, 2020 Meeting / Link to attend Zoom Meeting

The Fort Edward Free Library Board of Trustees will hold its June 10, 2020 meeting online @ 7:00 p.m. The public can access this meeting on Zoom.

Time: Jun 10, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 895 9755 7050

Password: 6ezQ8k

Please call 518-747-6743 if you are having any difficulties logging onto this Zoom meeting.


Type in “overdrive” in the top right hand corner of the “search catalog” bar to find titles available to borrow online. You must have a valid library card to do so.