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One hundred and ten years ago, forty three Fort Edward ladies met at the home of Mrs. A. P. Hill for the purpose of organizing a Civic League.  One of the committees formed at that meeting was a library committee.  Six months later, in September of 1914, the library committee revealed its plan to establish a free library in the village.  The Board of Regents for and on behalf of the Education Department of the State of New York, granted an absolute charter to the Fort Edward Free Library, Fort Edward, Washington county, which was incorporated by the Board of Regents under a provisional charter granted on March 4, 1915, and extended by action of the Regents on December 20, 1940, and June 21, 1946, and has continued the said corporation with all its powers privileges and duties. The library subsequently opened at the corner of Broadway and Washington Streets.

In 1919 it was then moved to 190 Broadway and in 1932 the library moved to its present location at 23 East Street, the Former Crane House.  The library building has seen many changes throughout the years.

In 1996, the library expanded and the the children’s room was added.  Other renovations at that time consisted of new library shelving, carpeting, circulation desk, siding, pane windows and landscaping.   Mr. John Weber of Weber Cabinets provided the shelving and the circulation desk.

In 2006 the Library front reading room was renovated with new shelving and named after a former Fort Edward High School Math Teacher, Marietta Hanna.  The Marietta Hanna reading room holds non-fiction titles, large print titles, audios, serials, and our historical cabinet.

In 2010 new flooring was installed in the Children’s room and new carpeting was installed in the main area, young adult section, and stairway.

The Library is fully automated.  There are two computers available for public use and internet access.  The library has WIFI connection which will accommodate local patrons as well as visitors.  The library provides availability of electrical outlets for allowing patrons to access their electronic devices.  It is recommended that patrons bring their own connections to enable them to charge their electronic devices.

2009 – 2019 The library held an annual golf tournament to help in offsetting costs of our Summer Reading and Fun Programs. After the Covid-19 Virus, involvement in getting the tournament up and going dwindled and there was no longer any interest. Most years the tournament raised between $3000 and $3500.

In 2015 the library was a recipient of the Irving Tissue Community Grant in the amount of $5,000. This grant allowed the library to purchase a Smart Board, Laptop, and Doc Camera. This enabled patrons within and outside of our community to view programs that were educational, informative, and enjoyable on a large screen visible to a large audience. We are very grateful for this grant as it allows us to keep moving in the 21st century with current technology.

In 2018 a Grant of $5,000 was awarded from the Washington County Home for Aged Woman, Inc. toward partial funding of our driveway expansion. This expansion now accommodates up to 9 parking spaces and 3 disability parking spaces.

In 2019 the library was awarded a $5,000 Construction Challenge Grant from SALS. This grant allowed the library to purchase and install outdoor lighting over the new parking lot, update the inside of the library’s electrical capacity by installing new electrical outlets in the young adult section, update electrical circuits to allow more effective usage, convert interior lights to LED, and seal and paint lines on the new parking lot.

In 2019 the library was awarded the Seed Challenge Grant of $10,000. from SALS for our Story Wall project which depicted architectural history in stories. This grant purchased the needed outdoor projector, projector casing, and funding for the writing and telling of the Stories of the D&H Railroad, Fort Edward Pottery, and Fort Edward Schools. All are now available to be seen on You tube.

In late Sept. of 2020 a Grant of $2079 was awarded from the Washington County Home for Aged Woman, Inc. for our new Drive-Up Return Material Drop Box. The new Drop Box was installed in the Spring of 2021 and continues to serve one function; and that is convenience in returning all types of borrowed library materials. Also from the Washington County Home for Aged Woman grant that same year, the library received $1800 to purchase Large Print Materials.

In 2021 the library was a recipient of a grant from CDLC to purchase Archival Boxes (52) to protect our bound newspapers dating back to the late 1800’s. Also in this grant was the purchasing of heavy duty metal shelving to store archival materials upon.

In September of 2022 the Library was a recipient of the Washington County Home for Aged Woman Grant in the amount of $4500 to go toward Large Print Titles. In doing so, the library purchased over one hundred and twenty new titles.

In 2023 Post Covid, the library installed a new HVAC System. Funding of $6000. from the Village and $6000. from the Town of Fort Edward helped the library in defraying the total cost of $19,000. Jack Hall Plumbing and Heating was awarded the contract after the review of three other contractors.

Fall of 2023 the library held a two day book / library materials sale along with a 50/50 raffle and did raise just under $800.

From 2014 – 2024, the Library continues to be a very grateful recipient of the Stewart’s Holiday Match Grant. Funding amounts have ranged from $500 – $1500 for children’s programs throughout the years. The library is very appreciative of the support we receive from not only this grant but from all that Stewart’s does in helping our community.

March of 2024 the library held a fundraiser to win a Kayak, paddle, and two life jackets. All items were purchased by a local family and donated to the library. The library raised just over $770.

April of 2024 the library was awarded the SALS Construction Grant in the amount of $2490. This grant is to repair cracks, reseal, and repaint the parking lot. Dependent upon the weather, repairs will begin on June 8, 2024.

May of 2024 the library was awarded The Glens Falls Foundation Grant in the amount of $4280. This grant is for the purchasing of two new public computers and laptop. This much needed technology is a necessity for our patrons esp. seeing as the warranties have expired and parts can no longer be ordered.

The library is planning a Fall Fundraiser and is a good steward for utilizing all funding received.