Thursday August 3rd the Fort Edward Free Library will be offering a few programs at the Canal Street Farmers Market. @ 4:00 pm come and listen to Assembly Woman Carrie Worner read aloud a story or two in helping to promote this year’s summer reading theme of “Build a Better World” . From 4:30-5:30 pm Rural Soul Studio will be presenting a Ukelele workshop for kids and adults. Student ukers will start playing music of many genres together from the moment they pick up it up and will learn about the history and folklore around the instrument. Singing, body percussion and movement are always part of this musical workshop. A limited number of Ukelele s ((12)will be provided so registration is a must!  Others who own there own Ukelele may come as 24 chairs may be reserved for seating to play but only 12 Ukeleles will be provided.


 From 7:00 pm – Dusk  the Canal Street Farmers Market will be having a family night of Whiffle Ball and  Bingo.  At dusk, there will be a movie  will be played and then @ 9:00 pm the movie ” the Goonies” will be shown.  Refreshments will be sold.   Please contact the library at 747/6743 for information and to register for The Ukelele program .

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