Summer Fun / Learning 2018 Schedule and Earn Your Reward Points!

You need 50 Points! Those who participate in attending programs, events, Rec. craft/ STEM activities, and reading books in print or online, will be rewarded in August a $ 5 Canal Street Market Card sponsored by the library. Your reward card to be given in the early evening of August 9th just before our DJ Music Man Lee Pecue entertains Kids, Tweens, and Teen with a fun night of dancing at the Canal Street Market Place 7:30 – 10:30 pm.


  • 5 points … Sign up for this year’s Collaborative summer reading theme of “Libraries Rock” beginning June 18th – June – June 29. ( no online registrations…come to the library)
  • Print or Online Books of appropriate reading level (picture books 2 points, beginner readers 2 points, chapter books of at least 60 pages 3 Points, chapter books over 100 pages 5 Points) Any materials CHARGED out from this library you will get an 2 added points at that checkout time.
  • 5 Points…Any Library, Market, or Rec. Craft/ Stem. Activity participation.
  • 2 Points…Start your passport book and see how many places you visit during the next 7 weeks.

Keep in mind there is always the possibility of being rewarded something else for those who go over 75 points.

June 28th 4:30 p.m.….George Steele

Where do our eggs come from?

Lessons in the Circle of Life: Witness this through the miracle of hatching and learn about the life cycle of birds through a 28 day chicken egg incubation project. It starts with this library program at the Canal Street Marketplace with a visit by a hen and a rooster. George will enlighten children and adults in his discussion about where our eggs come from.   We will then walk over to the library and begin the 28 day incubation of our eggs. Names will be written on each egg and children will be invited to periodically turn the eggs and conduct other incubation tasks


  July 9th 4:30 p.m. George Steele…Educator… Egg Candling.

It is now day 11 of the start of the incubation period and this session involves candling the eggs to observe embryo growth (seeing if any baby chicks are growing inside). We will walk from the Canal Street Marketplace over to the library for this session. With a flashlight, we will be able to see the miracle of life right before our eyes! Immediately following the candling session, anyone who would like to make a baby egg craft are invited to stay at the library in making this craft. Registration is required for the egg craft.

*** Upon hatching, chicks will be placed in a chick-a-vision brooder box where children can observe the first few days of their growth while also reading them a story. After a week in the brooder box, children will be allowed to pick up the chicks.

June 10th: Library and Rec shared activity 10 – 11:00 am.  (Art room at the FE School) 

 July 12th 5:00 p. m … George Steele; Educator Hooting it Up with Owl”

Dissecting an owl pellet… “What is an Owl Pellet?” An owl pellet is a cylinder of undigested material that usually contains bones, fur, feathers, and other remains. This program will be a prelude to our upcoming Birds of Prey Program in August. 

July 19th 10 – 11:00 am. Library / Rec Activity ( in the Art Room at FE School)

July 24th 10 – 11:00 am. Library / Rec Activity ( in the Art Room at FE School)

July 26th 5:00 p.m.….Tasha Pritchard Engineering Geologist NYSDOT

Libraries Rock! Take a walk around the community in discovering all types of rocks. Tasha will also be talking about her work in this field of study and other geology facts about rocks, minerals, fossils, stalactites, crystals, and quicksand. Play a geology game and make a rock craft. Perfect for our “Kindness Rocks” Gardens. Registration is required to make the rock craft.

August 2 10 – 11:00 am. Library / Rec Activity (in the Art Room at FE School)

August 2nd 5:30 p.m / Trish Marki Wildlife Rehabilitator

“Birds of Prey”

During Trish’s presentation you will get a close-up view of an Eastern screech owl, Barn owl, Red-tailed hawk, Raven, and Eurasian Eagle owl, and the world’s largest owl species. Trish will also discuss what people should do if they encounter different types of injured wildlife. She responds to all kinds of animal-related incidents, including bears.


August 9th 7: 30 p.m. D.J. Lee Pecue, partner of – After-FX DJ/Mc/Karaoke Service

For Kids, Tweens, and Teens a fun filled night of dancing and singing with DJ Lee Pecue! 


Saturday August 11th and Sunday August 12th…Library Summer Youth Theatre Group Play

           “ Fairy Tale Ever After; A Musical Mystery Adventure”