Local Author Eileen Doyon/has been rescheduled for a speaking engagment on Sunday December 8th

Meet the author behind Unforgettable Faces and Stories

Eileen will be at the Fort Edward Free Library on Sunday November 10th with a luncheon to begin at noon and book signing to follow.

Portsmouth, NY, September 23 – Most people will deal with loss at some point in their lifetime.  Two years ago Author Eileen Doyon lost he day to lung cancer after previously losing her mother and brother early on.  The Fort Edward, NY native decided to find a way to deal with death since it had become so much a part of her life.  Two keepsakes passed on from loved ones inspired Doyon to turn to writing as a form of healing and a way to feel their presence and love.  She knew that others in the same situation must feel the same way.  Doyon’s mission became clear; to help others talk about their loved ones and tot ell their stories.The first book in the Unforgettable Faces and Stories series, Dedications: Dads and Daughters, published on April 25, 2013, is a result of Doyon’s respect and gratitude to our veterans that have served and protected our country.  This book highlights personal stories from women who grew up sometimes never hearing or knowing about their dad’s service in the military/war.  The second book Keepsakes: Treasures from the Heart also published April 25 is filled with stories about those special items that remind us of someone we have loved and lost.  The third book in the Unforgettable Faces and Stories series Best Friends: Forever and Ever is due out mid-October.

The books have become a healing tool for Doyon as well as for all who contribute stories.  It’s also important to note that a percentage of profits from each book sale goes to a charitable organization related to the theme of the book.  There’s no slowing down Ms. Doyon; there are many more Unforgettable Faces and Stories and books on the horizon.  For more information on current and future books log on to www.unforgettablefacesand stories.com.

*A pre-registration fee of $13.00 per-person is required for those who wish to participate in the luncheon with Eileen.  Seating is limited to the first forty registered.  This luncheon is being catered by the “Station” in Fort Edward and help from the ladies book club.  The luncheon consists of:  Soup, two salads, sandwich, chips, pickles, coffee, tea, water and cookies for dessert.  Contact the library @747-6743  to register or other information needed.