BIOCUBE PROGRAM Wednesday August 16th @ 5:45 pm

BioCube Project

How much life is there in one cubic foot?  This question is being asked by citizen scientists across the planet – in coral reefs, the canopy of rain forests, a river in Tennessee – and in this library program we’ll add Fort Edward to the map. Check out the link to the project through the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History:  Join NYS Museum Scientist, Dr. Denise Mayer, on a quest to explore and document biodiversity in ecosystems right here in our village.  Science can be messy, so come prepared to get your feet wet, your clothes dirty, (old shoes, old clothes )  and join an exciting adventure!  We’ll be able to do this rain or shine and will meet at the pond located across the street from the tennis courts at Mullen Park (McIntyre) Children younger than aged eight must be accompanied by a parent or an adult. This program is free and open to those of all abilities. Please contact the library at 747-6743 for more information.

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