More than just a Library!
Thursday August 3rd the Fort Edward Free Library will be offering a few programs at the Canal Street Farmers Market. @ 4:00 pm come and listen to Assembly Woman Carrie Worner read aloud a story or two in helping to promote this year’s summer reading theme of “Build a Better World” . From 4:30-5:30 pm Rural Soul Studio will be presenting a Ukelele workshop for kids and adults. Student ukers will start playing music of many genres together from the moment …
Choreography Practices
2016 Summer Reading and Learning Programs
The Summer Play Choreography Dance Practices are only for those required to attend each Sunday evening @6:00 pm beginning July 9- August 6 @ the LIBRARY, not the school. Length of practices may fluctuate each week, but please plan on a few hours. Bring your own water to stay hydrated.
Native American Talking Stick
More than just a Library!
Susan Havens is the presenter of this program hosted by the Fort Edward Free Library.  The talking stick is traditionally an ornately carved wand, decorated with feathers and beads and precious stones. When a tribe faces a crisis, they gather in a circle, and one by one pass the stick around. Whoever has the stick must tell their story, whatever story they know that pertains to the subject at hand.   Children will be making their own talking sticks and this …
More than just a Library!
Milayne Jackson, Gary Brooks and Jeff Kingsley will perform on Thursday June 29th at the Canal Street Farmers Market in Fort Edward 5 – 7 pm.   An enjoyable evening of Classic rock, Classic R& B, Country Rock, and Original Story Songs!